Sankara SampradhAyam - 4

Even now, starting from the school text books to every conceivable context, there is reference and elaboration only about BhuddhA, while it has been ensured that even the names of Kumarila BhattA and UdayanAchAryAr are not known to anyone. During the British rule, (they) did this deliberately. Their desire was to somehow belittle the vEdic religion and convert everyone to Christianity.

The objective was,"It is all right, even if it is not possible to attract [*Hindus*] to Christianity. At any cost, vEdic religion has to be belittled. It has to be ensured that the Hindus, ruled by us, don't remain proud of their religion and culture." The fact - that the 'subjugated' Hindus had reached the pinnacle of civilization and cultural glory even in the remote past during which they themselves were yet to evolve into a civilised society - continued to remain as a thorn in their flesh. That is why they thought thus.

They took efforts, systematically, right from the elementary school level, to ensure that Hindus don't become aware of the greatness of their vEdic religion and also of the great personalities who hailed from that religion. Hence, they popularised amongst the children, in a big way, only the establishment of a 'vEda vruddha' (heterodox) religion by BhuddhA, right from their school days through their curriculum. But, left out, all the references about the 'mahAns' of vEdic religion.

Kumarila BhattA emphasised the nature of vEdAs as PramAnA (vEda pramAnyam) and the importance of vEdic karmAs and criticised Bhuddhism for having differed on these two counts. Udayanar criticised the Bhuddhist's argument of 'nirIshvara vAdham' and established the existence of IshvarA.

Out of the triad of karma-bhakti-gyAna, only after the Bhuddhist principles regarding karma and bhakti were demolished (nirAkaranam) by these two, our BhagavadpAda, who re-established the gyAna mArga in accordance with vEdic principles, took the avatAram [*on this earth*].