Atma Bodha Verse 10

Hari AUM

yathAkAsho hrShikesho nAnopAdhigato vibhu: |
tadbhedAdbhinnavadbhAti tannAshe kevalo bhavet ||

Translation :
Just as Space(Akash), which is all-pervasive(vibhu) appears to be confined due to limiting adjuncts(upAdhi), the Truth (hrShikesh) also appears to be limited due to limiting adjuncts(upAdhi). On destruction of these limiting adjuncts, the Truth is realized to be One( kevalo bhavet ).

Explanation :
    This verse explains one of the key concepts in Advaita - limiting adjuncts or upAdhis.  Space is everywhere but it appears to be confined to objects such as pots, rooms etc.  Of course, space cannot be confined; it is only our ignorance which assigns boundaries to the all-pervasive space.

    Similarly, Brahman is un-limited by anything. Time, Space, Causation, qualities etc. do not condition Brahman. In our ignorance, we assign such qualities to Brahman. Once these limiting adjuncts(upAdhis) are removed ( by the method of sublation ) then we realize Brahman as It Is. Of course, since our Atman is Brahman as per advaita, it follows that Atma-jnAnam leads to the removal of false identification with these limiting adjuncts.

|| bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam ||