Shriiman NaaraayaNiiyam - Dashaka 100 - Shlokam 3

Shlokam 3

OM Namo Vaasudevaaya.

hR^dyam puurNa-anukampa-aarNava-mR^du-laharii-cancala-bhruu-vilaasaiH aaniila-snigdha-pakshhma-aavali-parilasitam netra-yugmam vibho te |

saandra-cchaayam vishaala-aruNa-kamala-dala-aakaaram-aamugdha-taaram kaaruNya-aaloka-liila-shishirita-bhuvanam kshhipyataam mayi-anaathe ||


After the eye- catching coiffure crowning the head, and the handsome forehead resembling the young crescent moon, the poet goes on to describe the eyes of the divine form that he is seeing in front of him.

O! all pervading Lord ! (he vibho) Thy (te) pair of eyes (netra yugmam) are like an ocean (aarNava) of infinite compassion ( puurNa anukampa). The gentle movements of the eyebrows (cancala bhruu vilaasa) resemble the gentle waves (mR^du laharii) on that ocean. The beauty of the eyes is enhanced (parilasitam) by rows (aavali)of eyelashes (pakshhma) which are glistening (snigdha) with a bluish tinge (aaniila).

The lustrous (saandra-cchaayam) eyes are long and broad (vishaala) and are shaped like(aakaara) pink (aruNa) lotus petals (kamala dala ). The Pupils of your eyes have an almost intoxicating effect (aamugdha taaram)- they are so charming that they make me forget my surroundings ! I am as if hypnotised ! [this interptretation of the word aamugdha-taaram is what occurred to me as I was writing this - scholars may please pardon me if it is considered inappropriate ].

The world (bhuvanam) is cooled (shishiritam) [meaning the people who are tormented by the heat of samsara find solace] by the compassionate

glances (kaaruNya aaloka) from your eyes. This is no strain on you . It is only a sport (liilaa) for you. I beg of you to throw (kshhipyataam) your merciful glances on me (mayi) too. I am an orphan (anaatha) . I have no refuge other than you. So please look at me with compassion and relieve me of my sufferings, Guruvaayuurappa !

NOTE: Just to remind ourselves. The words prabhu and vibhu are commonly used referring to iishvara. Prabhu refers to his all- powerfulness-- omnipotentence- sarva-shakti-mat-tvam. Vibhu refers to his all- pervasiveness -- omnipresence- sarva-vyaapi-tvam. I do not recollect a similar crisp word indicating omniscience- sarvajnatvam. Can some member of the list help me, please ?

Sarve bhadraaNi pashyantu.