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praNAms Sri Sada prabhuji
Hare Krishna

A quick note from the desk of amateur vedAnti on your queries and you can always wait for clarifications from ‘scholars’.

1.   Samadhi is required for Self-Realization

  *   Yes it is required but it is not like asaMprajnAta samAdhi which is experienced in mind inert state after suppressing the chitta vrutti (chitta vrutti nirOdha). It is not patanjala praNeeta samAdhi but it is the result of vaidika dhyAna and samAdhi and this samAdhi jnana is not avasthA vishesha like asaMprajnAta samAdhi.

2.   and 2) the mind needs to be eliminated to attain Samadhi for self-realization (mana vinasha).

  *   manO nAsha, sakashAya, vAsanA kshaya etc. needs to be attained through vedAnta vAkya SMN not through patanjali’s dhAraNa, dhyAna and samAdhi.

Many quote from the books that have question-answers sessions Ramana Maharshi had with disciples. There are also many disciples of Ramana Maharshi who further endorse the above statements.

  *   I don’t think hardcore ramaNa followers would endorse ‘time-bound’ samAdhi experience OTOH it is Sahaja samAdhi which ramaNa always in.  mahA yOga have elaborated the difference between Sahaja samAdhi and yOga samAdhi.

There are also JK groups that denounce all methods as they all condition the mind.

Some even quote Vivekachudamani sloka 447 or something that says the mind is a problem and one has to have a thoughtless mind for self-realization.

Ø     Yes, VC very conspicuously endorses the mandatory experience of nirvikalpa samAdhi to have the practical experience of Atmaikatva.  bhAmati school does not have any doubt in propagating the same.  And HH Sri Abhinava vidyAteertha too narrates how he often entered the samAdhi at particular time, though he does not categorically insisted the mandatory experience of NS he emphasized the importance of this experience in his work called :  “yOga perfection and enlightenment”.  And some prakaraNa-s like paNchadashi, JMV etc. without any ambiguity endorses the mandatory experience of yOga samAdhi and grades of jnAni-s bases on yOga samAdhi experience and the method they adopt to return back to normalcy.

1.   What do you think is samadhi?
>  samAdhi is sama chitta, sama darshana, Samyak jnana which is the result of vAkya janita vastu tantra jnana as per AV.

2.   Is a thoughtless mind required for self-realization?

Ø     As said above manO nAsha or prapancha pravilaya is adhyAtmika yOga as explained in katha not as per patanjala’s deliberate suppression of chitta vrutti.  As a matter of fact bhAshyakAra himself says chitta vrutti nirOdha is not a means for self-realization.

3.   What do you think is involved in self-realization?
>  avidyA nivrutti, svarUpa jnana (self-luminous) effort is required to eradicate avidyA and vidyA / jnana is not a thing obtained afresh through some ‘effort’.

4.   Is akhandaakaara vrutti involves thoughtless state?

  *   Strictly speaking both avidyA and vidyA vrutti would happen in antaHkaraNa only and in Atman there is no vidyAvidya vrutti vyavahAra.

I am posing these to get input from all the scholars here.

Ø     Paradon my brevity here,  But you know the reason.  Some prakriya-s advocated by some asampradAyavAdins are not so palatable for the saMpradAya ‘scholars’ in this group 😊

Hari Om!

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