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Namaste Bhaskar ji,
It was sarcasm, but its purpose was not to belittle, but to illustrate that
there is a reason why the shAstra and the guru paramparA exists.

No one in the advaita tradition will say that the guru, scripture, karma,
dhyAna or jnAna sAdhana are purposeless. They are very much necessary.

In response to your points:

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> These are all just your dream characters and acting (as if) in your dream
> world 😊 A passionate DS vAdin would say this 😊
True, but that is not the same as saying that the dream characters and
dream objects serve no purpose. Even the vRtti that removes ajnAna is

> Just curious to know here in this dhyAna:  like ‘I am vishNu’ is something
> like svasvarUpAnusaNdhAna as in ‘shivOhaM’ ( keeping only vishNu tattva or
> shiva tattva in mind – upAdhi rahita tattva jnana ) or like keeta intensely
> thinking about bhramara and getting the ‘shape’ of bhramara (sArUpya type
> of krama mukti) ??
The original verses appear to be the former. However in some places,
ahamgraha upAsana of the type has also been prescribed. The purpose of it
is to prepare the mind for the rise of samyak jnAna.

Kind regards,

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