[Advaita-l] Definition of Ashrayatva and Vishayatva

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Thu Jan 25 06:36:36 EST 2024

Namaste Sudhanshu Ji,

Not sure if I have understood the question correctly. However just pointing
out that what is stated in Samkshepa ShArIraka is valid in the context
of एकाज्ञानपक्ष. You might like to take a look at the discussion in
Advaita Siddhi PDF page 510 Book page 487 where the  Samkshepa
ShArIraka verse is cited in conclusion of the discussion.


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> Hari Om,
> In Samkshepa ShArIraka, it is said that Ashraya and vishaya of ajnAna is
> shuddha chaitanya.
> It is to request the learned members that precise definitions of Ashrayatva
> and vishayatva may kindly be shared along with citations, if possible.
> Regards.
> Sudhanshu Shekhar.
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