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In the Bhagavatam there is a stuti by Akrura.  There he says: those who
worship other deities are actually worshiping You alone. They will also
ultimately attain You alone just like all rivers attain the ocean.

श्रीमद्भागवतपुराणम्/स्कन्धः १०/पूर्वार्धः/अध्यायः ४०

त्वामेवान्ये शिवोक्तेन मार्गेण शिवरूपिणम् ।
 बह्वाचार्यविभेदेन भगवन् समुपासते ॥ ८ ॥
 सर्व एव यजन्ति त्वां सर्वदेवमयेश्वरम् ।
 येऽप्यन्यदेवताभक्ता यद्यप्यन्यधियः प्रभो ॥ ९ ॥
 यथाद्रिप्रभवा नद्यः पर्जन्यापूरिताः प्रभो ।
 विशन्ति सर्वतः सिन्धुं तद्वत्त्वां गतयोऽन्ततः ॥ १० ॥

Sridhara swami's commentary is very revealing:  See here:


He says 'the other gods have no existence apart from You.'

The Bhagavata verses also show that the contention that worship of other
(tamasa) gods will result in hell is un-scriptural. The verses clearly say
that all of them will attain liberation.

We are reminded of the popular verse of Pushpadanta:

<http://www.ms.uky.edu/%7Esohum/sanskrit/mahimna/trayii.wma>त्रयी साङ्ख्यं
योगः पशुपतिमतं वैष्णवमिति

प्रभिन्ने प्रस्थाने परमिदमदः पथ्यमिति च।

रुचीनां वैचित्र्यादृजुकुटिल नानापथजुषां

नृणामेको गम्यस्त्वमसि पयसामर्णव इव॥ ७॥

The different practices based on the three Vedas, SaMkhya, Yoga,
Pashupata-mata, VaishhNava-mata etc . are but different paths (to reach to
the Greatest Truth) and people on account of their different aptitude
choose from them whatever they think best and deserved to be accepted . But
as the sea is the final resting place for all types of streams , You are
the only reaching place  for all people whichever path,straight or zigzag,
they may accept .  (7)

Many others have also expressed the above idea. 'ShaNmata' is mentioned by

The famous Pancharatna kriti of Thyagaraja, 'Endaro mahanubhaavulu..', in
one of its charaNams, mentions the term 'ShaNmata' with a prefix 'shiva
aadi'.  The meaning can be read in this site:

Annamacharya too has said that the Lord of Tirupati is the same
Lord/deities that a devotee of each deity worships.

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