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Tue Jan 16 00:45:50 EST 2024

Sorry but once again I've been remiss in adding new subscribers (and 
posting introductions for a few I did add.)  As well as the usual end of 
the year chaos at work, I've had to move and that didn't go well.  I only 
got internet service at home a week ago.  Anyway...

Lokesh Sarma


My name is Lokesh. I'm interested in reading and participating in discussions related to Advaita Vedanta as taught by Adi Shankara. Therefore I want to join this list. I have been studying Advaita Vedanta for many years out of interest and academically. I have done Masters in Sanskrit and have studied Advaita Vedanta academically for 2 semesters. My favorite scripture is मोक्षोपाय also known as योग वासिष्ठ.


Sakthi Narayanan

I'm Sakthi Narayanan from Tirunelveli
I'm doing vaideegam prayogam

Aditya Thakkar

Hello, I follow advaita vedanta (I want to connect with other followers of
traditional advaita that Sri Adi Sankaracharya preached and learn
Thank you!

Ramesh Gupta

I found one of the emails from this group that a friend shared fascinating.
I am interested in learning more deeply about the Advaitha philosophy and
Shri Adi Shankaracharya's teachings.

Dhruv Bajpai

I am Dhruv Bajpai a Student 
I like Advait Vednata because it talks about oneness

Hima Bindu Pyda

Interested in sanatana dharma

Lakshman Velayutham

I am an advaitin since I was introduced to it. Born into a brahmin family,
impractise the Sandhya and the mantras.

I am blessed with two gurus due to which I have been able to make
significant progress in the spiritual domain.

My angst is that I am not able to rally pr demonstrate and fight for dharma.
I reel I am failing in my duty on that front.

Ashu Singh

I have been a student of Philosophy as a subject at University level and
have a keen interest as a Hindutva protagonist and active in RSS ahd VHP I
have a deep interest.

Dr. Ishan Acharya

Myself Dr Ishan Acharya, an opthalmic plastic surgeon professinally. My family 
tradition is Yog darshan. I am blessed to be guided by my Grandfather(Dr 
Vishnuprasad) and his elder brother(Sanyast - Swami Manuvaryaji). In a quest 
to the truth, Learning Vedant by listening to Swami Akhandanand 

Jaldhar H. Vyas <jaldhar at braincells.com>

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