[Advaita-l] तृणादेर्भासिकाप्येषा by VArtikakAra

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Namaste Sudhanshu Ji,

Please give reference to the vArtika sAra verse cited by you.



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> Hari Om,
> In the BAlanodhini TIkA of Advaita Siddhi, it is written that the following
> shloka is by VArtikakAra
> तृणादेर्भासिकाप्येषा सूर्यदीप्तिस्तृणं दहेत् । सूर्यकान्तमुपारुह्य
> न्यायोऽयं योज्यतां धिया।।
> It is also mentioned in the NIOS book in ajnAna chapter.
> Can anyone please cite the exact shloka number in the vArtika. I had been
> under the impression that it is by VidyAraNya SwAmI in the vArtika-sAra.
> But the shloka by Him had a slightly different set of words in the
> end  "तन्न्यायं चिति योजयेत्"
> Thanks.
> Sudhanshu Shekhar.
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