[Advaita-l] ***UNCHECKED*** Prashnottara Ratna Malika - 21

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(Continued from previous post)
Q112.  सर्वसुखानां बीजं किं? 
What is the source of all pleasure?
A112. पुण्यम् |
Spiritual merit.
Q113. दु:खमपि कुतः 
And where does suffering come from?
A113. पापात् ।
>From bad actions (sin).
Q114. कस्यैश्वर्यं? 
Who is glorious and powerful?
A114. यःकिल शंकरमाराधयेत्भक्त्या |
Verily, one who worships Siva with devotion.
Q115. को वर्धते?
Who is growing?
A115. विनीतः |
One who is humble.
Q116. को वा हीयते? 
Who is becoming diminished?
A116. यो दृप्तः ।
One who is arrogant.
Q117. को न प्रत्येतव्यो? 
Who should not be trusted?
A117. ब्रूते यश्चानृतम् शश्वत् |
Someone who is accustomed to telling lies.
(To be Continued)

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