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Thu Feb 8 14:05:51 EST 2024


Am Suhas, residing at Haasana, Karnataka. Am learning Vedanta under the 
guidance of Sri C V Giridhara Shastry, the previous adminstrator of Sringeri 

I would like to know, experience and get more guidance in Advaita Vedanta.
Please allow me to learn.
Thank you

Deepak Srinivas

Just starting out on the path, learning advaita under the guidance of an
acharya from the Swami Dayananda saraswati (arsha vidya) parampara.


For some years interested in Advaita vedanta, am familiar with Upanishads,
Gita, and other texts and wish to deepen understanding of Shankara bhashya

Pavani Narayanadas

Have been a student of Advaita Vedanta for 30 years.

Jaldhar H. Vyas <jaldhar at braincells.com>

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