[Advaita-l] What Am I ?

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Dear friends,What is one's true svarUpa?
One’s True svarUpa

    ayamAtmA brahma sarvAnuBUH  ityanuSAsanam|| 

                   ( bRuhadArayaka 2-5-19 )


Who Am I?


I Am I.


What Am I?


I Am That.


What is That?


That is This .


This Is  Brahman / Atman.

I Am This.


                                     I am

nityaHsarvagataH sthANuracalO^yaM sanAtanaH || 

Heis eternal, omnipresent, immovable, unmoving, and changeless.

 [BhagavadgIte 2-24]

avyaktO^yamacintyO^yamavikAryO^yam  ||

Heis unmanifest; inconceivable, unchangeable.

            [BhagavadgIte 2-25]



Self-Luminous, Self-evident,

Self-existent,     Self-knowing

nityaH -  Eternal , sarvagataH– omnipresent, 

sthANuH – immovable, acalaH - unmoving , 

sanAtanaH – Changeless,  avyaktaH– unmanifest , 

acintyaH – inconceivable,  avikAryaH– unchangeable



A study indepth of the mantras 2-1-3, 2-1-4 0f Kathopanishad and mantra2-4 ofKenopanishad in the light of Sri Shankara’s commentary thereupon under theguidance of a Guru who has realized what he is teaching will surely  help aqualified mumukshu to cognize the above stated facts within himself by himself.
                                   May The Divinity bless us all with thatwisdom.


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