[Advaita-l] Definition of sAkshI

Sudhanshu Shekhar sudhanshu.iitk at gmail.com
Tue Feb 6 09:48:28 EST 2024

Namaste Venkatraghavan ji.

//I have already given you my view for why there are two definitions of
sAkshi - one is from avacCheda vAda and another from AbhAsa vAda.//


Just for a quick refresh, what according to you is the position of
siddhAntI as per Advaita-Siddhi on following:-

1. Is rajatAkArA-avidyA-vritti required for illusory-rajata-jnAna?

2. Is sukhAkArA-avidyA-vritti required for sukha-jnAna?

3. Is ahamkArA-avidyA-vritti required for aham-jnAna?

4. Is avidyAkArA-avidyA-vritti required for avidyA-jnAna?

5. In pratibhAsa-kalpaka-samAna-kAlIna-kalpaka-vattvam, who is
avidyA-kalpaka and who is avidyA-pratibhAsa-kalpaka (i.e.
avidyA-jnAna-kalpaka)? [As per my understanding, avidyA-kalpaka =
avidyA-upahita-chaitanya, avidyA-pratibhAsa-kalpaka =

6. What is the primary definition of sAkshI accepted by Advaita-Siddhi?


Sudhanshu Shekhar.


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