[Advaita-l] Definition of sAkshI

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praNAms Sri Sada prabhuji
Hare Krisha

Thanks for the example and clarification.  Hence Shuddha sAkshi Chaitanya is called even sAkshi to ahaM pratyaya.  And this sAkshi Chaitanya is not separate in each upAdhi sOpAdhika Chaitanya (chidAbhAsa) in its svarUpa is shuddha Chaitanya only and in vyavahAra it is called jeeva chaitanya for all practical purposes.  That which sAkshi to his buddhi vrutti the same is sAkshi is there in others also hence Upanishad calls this sAkshi as kevalO nirguNascha and uniform in one and all.  sAkshi tadvat pareshvapi  ekaH sUkshamaH kUtastha nityaH this cannot be the sAkshi painted in avidyA but it is the sAkshi which is avasthAteeta tureeya, which is pure witnessing consciousness and a witness to the absence of everything including the mind in sushupti.  He is sAkshti to even to  AnandamayAtma says bhAshyakAra in taittireeya.  However as said earlier when this sAksha (reflected consciousness) taking something out of its boundaries and witnessing something else as sAkshi bhAsya sitting in the witnessing chair then it is duality and this sAkshi is definitely a separated entity from sAkshi bhAsya…which is not anyway true parabrahma svarUpa and or eka rUpaH or nityA or sarvabhUtAntarAtma 😊

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

A non-luminous moon becomes luminous by reflecting all-pervading sunlight that falls on the moon. It is similar to the mind becoming a local conscious entity by reflecting the all-pervading light of pure consciousness. That we have - 'as though' part of the all-pervading consciousness that is illuming the local mind and that which gets reflected (chidaabhaasa) as reflected consciousness.

That part of sunlight that is falling on the sun before reflection occurs is Sakshee - sunlight.

Similarly that part of all-pervading pure consciousness that 'as though' falling on the local mind before getting reflection is Sakshee chaitanya.

It is there all the time as long as the mind is there to reflect it.

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