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> Namaste Venkatraghavan ji
> Many thanks for sharing the write-up. Very beautifully presented.
> My understanding of akhanDAkArA-vritti is as under:-
> There are two AV:-
> 1. prArabdha-rUpa-pratibandhaka-vishishTa-akhanDAkArA-vritti (AV1) -- this
> is the general connotation of akhanDAkArA-vritti.
> Chaitanya-reflected-in-AV1 removes two out of three shakti of avidyA,
> namely shakti-which-causes-the-illusion-of-reality-in-world and
> shakti-which-enables-artha-kriyA-kAritva-in-world. However,
> chaitanya-reflected-in-AV1 is incapable of removing the third shakti of
> avidyA, which is also known as avidyA-lesha and is
> shakti-which-gives-birth-to-objects-which-are-cable-of-appearing-as-pratyaksha.
> 2. prArabdha-rUpa-pratibandhaka-rahita-akhanDAkArA-vritti (AV2) is called
> charma-vritti. It is also akhanDAkArA-vritti. However, since there is no
> pratibandhaka in the form of prArabdha, the chaitanya-reflected-in-AV2
> removes even the third shakti i.e. avidyA-lesha.
> As per my understanding, akhanDAkArA-vritti does not have non-self as its
> vishaya. Shuddha Atman cannot be vishaya of vritti being avishaya. The fact
> of not having non-self as vishaya is itself termed as having Atman as the
> vishaya of akhanDAkArA-vritti. In simple terms, a mind without any trace of
> any thought of world is akhanDAkArA-vritti. Basically thoughtless mind.
> This is what is generally understood as samAdhi or nirvikalpaka samAdhi.
> Now, without akhanDAkArA-vritti, avidyA cannot be removed. AV1 removes the
> first two AkArAs of avidyA whereas AV2 removes even third.
> AV1 this leads to jIvanmukti whereas AV2 leads to videhamukti.

Dear Sudhanshu ji,

Has the Bhashyakara Shankara accepted or specified the requirement of  the
AV2 that you mention above as leading to videhamukti? In other words, is
there a requirement in Shankara's prasthana traya bhashyas for the AV2 to
destroy the 'avidya lesha' which Shankara has termed 'samskara' in the BSB
that sustains the post-aparokshajnana life of the Jnani?


> Thus, it appears to me that samAdhi in the form of akhanDAkArA-vritti is a
> necessary condition for jIvanmukti.
> As I understand from your write-up, even after AV1 removing two AkArAs of
> avidyA, since prArabdha-rUpa-pratibandhaka remains, it will not immediately
> lead to jIvanmukti but manonAsha and vasanakshaya will be required and
> samAdhi will be needed for that.
> This appears to be perfectly acceptable.
> However, since tattva-jnAna also required akhanDAkArA-vritti which is not
> possible without samAdhi, I think even tattva-jnAna would necessarily
> require samAdhi.
> Regards.
> Sudhanshu Shekhar.
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