[Advaita-l] On avidyA, mAyA

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Sat Sep 30 01:49:08 EDT 2023

Hare Krishna

Would like to look at it like this from advaitic vyAvahArik perspective :

- There are jIva-s and there is a deluding shakti called mAyA

>  there are multiple jeeva-s and they are experiencing their respective karma phala on the stage called jagat and Ishwara is its srushti karta.  Ishwara did this srushti for the sake of jeeva-s and providing them the 'place' to experience the pApa and puNya phala.  So as per this there is Ishwara shakti mAya which is jagat and jeeva due to his ignorance look at this shakti as parichinna (limited) and gets deluded due to anAdi Ananta 'svAbhAvika' adhyAsa.

- mAyA triggers different bhAva-s in a jIva

>  yes this multifarious jagat triggers different bhAva-s in jeeva like this is my building, this is my land and I am landlord, this is my body and I am tall / dwarf, this is my mind I am angry / peaceful etc.  Here mAya is not jeeva srushti but transactions with mAya prapancha is swayed by jeeva's qualified adjudgment of this prapanch.  

- For every bhAva there is a space of appropriate responses that
  jIva can resort to.

>  and it depends on his pUrva saMskAra.

- The precise response that a jIva chooses from this space of responses
  is the freedom of karma that is given to the jIva

>  Yes, how he acts / reacts to that is depends on saMskAra bala. Parama hamsa just seeing the birds flying was getting samAdhi where as an hunter seeing the same thinking about its capturing.  

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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