[Advaita-l] Jiva-Jiva difference is body-based alone: Garuda Purana

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Jiva-Jiva difference is body-based alone: Garuda Purana
गरुडपुराणम्/प्रेतकाण्डः (धर्मकाण्डः)/अध्यायः ४९
While describing the nature of the jiva in this chapter-
Satchidananda Nirvikara Nirguna Brahman is jiva in truth, but endowed with
ignorance, just as sparks emanating from fire (are nothing but fire). The
jivas appear different from each other due to the difference in the bodies
owing to beginningless karma:
स्वयञ्ज्योतिरनाद्यन्तो निर्विकारः परात्परः ।
निर्गुणः सच्चिदानन्दस्तदंशा जीवसंज्ञकाः ॥ २,४९.७ ॥
अनाद्यविद्योपहता यथाग्नौ विस्फुलिङ्गकाः ।
*देहाद्युपाधिसम्भिन्नास्ते कर्मभिरनादिभिः* ॥ २,४९.८ ॥
This premise is accepted only in Advaita. In other systems, the jiva is
separate and distinct from Brahman, even in its very nature.
The above verse from the Garuda Purana echoes this famous quote from
Shankaracharya's Gita Bhashya:
न त्वेवाहं जातु नासं न त्वं नेमे जनाधिपाः ।
न चैव न भविष्यामः सर्वे वयमतः परम् ॥ १२ ॥ Bhagavadgita 2.12
2.12 But certainly (it is) not (a fact) that I did not exist at any time;
nor you, nor these rulers of men. And surely it is not that we all shall
cease to exist after this.
Shankara says: *देहभेदानुवृत्त्या बहुवचनम् , नात्मभेदाभिप्रायेण* ॥ १२ ॥
The Lord has used the plural in this verse considering the different bodies
and not because of the idea that there are different Atmans.
Shankara's view is not agreed to by the other schools on this premise.
It is to be noted that the words of the Garuda Purana correspond to the
words of Shankara.

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