[Advaita-l] Prashnottara Ratna Malika - 12

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(Continued from previous post)
Q69. विद्वन्मनोहरा का?
What enchants the heart of the learned?
A69. सत्कविता बोधवनिता च ।
Poetry that inspires noble feelings, and the Lady called Knowledge.
Q70. कं न स्पृशति विपत्तिः? 
Who is not touched by disaster?
A70. प्रवृद्धवचनानुवर्तिनं दान्तं |
One who follows his superiors’ advice and has controlled his own senses.
Q71. कस्मै स्पृहयति कमला? 
Who is blessed by the Goddess of Wealth?
A71. त्वनलसचित्ताय नीतिवृत्ताय ।
One who is industrious and never lazy, but behaves
with honesty and justice.
Q72. त्यजति च कं सहसा?
Who is immediately abandoned by the Goddess of Fortune?
A72. द्विजगुरुसुरनिन्दाकरं च सालस्यं |
One who is lazy and offends the brahmanas,
the Preceptors, the Devas and good people.
(To be Continued)

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