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. But then the same line of argument as used by the YogAchAra System is used now, in 4-28, to refute the YogAchAra System itself  by the SiddhAntin. Thus what is cited as from 4-26, while having been  accepted as refutation of the other Systems of Buddhism, is rejected later in 4-28 from the standpoint of  Advaita Siddhanta.

Hare Krishna

I was tempted to tell this when I looked at 4.28 in Sri SSS's Kannada work : gaudapaada hrudaya but held it back due to fear of facing the usual accusation of Sri SSS 'going' against the tradition etc.😊 Now, since Sri Chandramouli prabhuji saying this, now I can show what Sri SSS's observation on this.  The heading that Sri SSS gives to this kArika is :  vijnAnavAda shUnyavAdagaLa khandane ( the refutation of vijnAnavAda and shUnyavAda) and at the footnote he observes in Kannada : vijnAnavAdavu paramArtha darshanakke oppagive - endare 'yuktige' honduttade endartha.  Ekendare vijnAnavillade vastuvu kandadde illa...Adare vyavahAra drushtiyinda vijnAna - vijnAnada vishya eradu erabeku.  paramArtha drushtiyinda everadu Atmaniginta bereyaagi illave illa.  

Sri ChandramouLi prabhuji I humbly request you to translate this in English for the benefit of English readers.

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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