[Advaita-l] Advaita Texts taught in tradition

Death Cruzer deathcruzer31 at gmail.com
Tue Sep 5 02:26:29 EDT 2023


I've been researching advaita for a couple years now. I've dived deep into
the history of advaita and its various authors.

My curiosity into this philosophy started with reading books on Indian
philosophy by Dasgupta and Karl Potter followed by mainly watching videos
of swami sarvapriyananda on youtube.

But even after scouring countless books and websites, in none of them could
I find what texts are taught to monks in advaita vedanta tradition.

To concisely put forward my question:
1. What are the list of texts taught to monks initiated in advaita vedanta
tradition and in what order?
Eg. In belur math training, monks are taught starting with Vedantasara.
What are the other texts which they are taught there? Is there any fixed
syllabus which they're taught? I know dozens of texts on advaita vedanta
but which are the texts having learned which one could say they've learned
advaita vedanta fully.
2. If there is indeed such a list of essential texts. Then could you please
give the order in which they are taught in Advaita Vedanta tradition.


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