[Advaita-l] [advaitin] how can the mindless, eyeless, earless brahman can make creation!!??

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Mon May 29 18:51:59 EDT 2023

Dear Bhaskarji,

You wrote:

*When sruthi says Brahman is second less cause of world, does not world
include the Jiva and its kalpana? *

Shri Ramakrishna Paramhamsa said that with the advancement of science, a
time will soon come when one will understand Advaita in a day. Now  science
tells us that our Earth is ~2.5 billion years old, the Sun is ~4.5 years
old, and the universe itsef is ~13. 7 billion years old. The Sun is
transforming hydrogen to Helium and it radiates the energy and in course of
time, there will be a day when the Sun will exhaust all the hydrogen and
the Sun will die.

If we look back, at one time, the entire mass of the universe was not
there, I mean before the *Big Bang*, when the universe was created, the
mass of the material universe must have been created by transformation of
the energy of the Brahman, the original entity.  If we call this premordial
energy as the Shakti, and the consciousnee at the root is the Brahman.  In
the ultimate sense, the Brahman and the Shakti of Brahman are not separate,
When the creation occurs, the Shakti part of brahman is transformed and the
material world appears.

The *creation is a dynamic process from the Big Bang to the dissolution*
and that is why the ParamBrahma avatara, Lord Krishna said that everything
in this created world is impermanent. Upanishad is calling it Mithya, Even
though the world is impermanent, We crave for wealth, prosperity and
worldly fortune, forgetting that all these are temporary. We may think
ourselves to be human beings, but did we have the human body in our last
birth? We human beings were surely animals in our earlier births. Lord
Buddha could describe his earlier births as animals etc., at the end of his
6 years of tapasya.

*Material world is not necessairly kalpanik, but it is changing every
moment.* Of course, while living in this material world our attitude is
*kalpanik*,* in the sense, as if we mostly forget the fact, that (i) we
ourselves are changing within the lifetime and also from birth to birth,
and (ii) the material world, with which we are associated, also changes
every moment, and this continues till the time  we the jivas get liberated.*

My two cents

Sunil KB

On Mon, May 29, 2023 at 4:43 AM 'Bhaskar YR' via advaitin <
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> praNAms Sri Putran prabhuji
> Hare Krishna
>    -  It seems you attached some file to this mail but I am not able to
>    open it.
> When sruthi says Brahman is second less cause of world, does not world
> include the Jiva and its kalpana?
>    - When we come to know what is the purpose of srushti as per
>    bhAshyakAra / shruti this doubt will be cleared.  Why the brahman first of
>    all intended to do srushti??  Is it that he is not satisfied within himself
>    without srushti?? Or he is just crazy to do srushti without any definite
>    purpose??
> To say Brahman is cause of sense world and Jiva is cause of its mind
> 'parikalpita'  projections (including thoughts whose meaning content
> constitutes adhyasa) requires that we take a dualistic vyavaharika
> standpoint where Ishvara is different from Jiva in some fundamental sense.
>    - Yes, that is how it is, Ishwara cannot be jeeva.  Jeeva has his own
>    limitation and cannot be Ishwara.  bhAshyakAra somewhere clarifies even
>    siddha purusha-s ( aNimAdi ashta siddhi-s) cannot do the srushti kArya it
>    is an exclusive capability of only Ishwara.
> This cannot be what sruthi means when it says Brahman is second less cause
> of world. There is the deeper knowledge of Ishvara (Brahman+Maya) where all
> world is His projection/appearance and there is no scope to separate Jiva
> or Jiva kalpana as something apart from Him.
>    - abrahmatvaM / asarvatvaM of jagat is jeeva parikalpita but what
>    jagat ‘as it is’ is brahmAbhinna.  So the next question is is not jeeva is
>    brahman how can he has the limited vision (parichinna drushti) ??   for
>    this bhAshyakAra answers if the jeeva knows his own true svarUpa there is
>    no avidyA whatsoever to anyone.
> This is what "second less cause of world" must mean. It cannot be instead
> that brahman is cause of rope but not the snake-adhyasa in the Jiva mind.
> Ø     We are going back to brahmAshrita avidyA and if brahman itself has
> the jeeva buddhi, jeeva’s avidyA, jeeva’s parikalpita jagat etc. even
> before srushti then we are forced to accept that brahman who is nirvikAri,
> nishkriya and niravayava, nirguNa also having avidyA!!
> Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!
> bhaskar
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