[Advaita-l] english translation of book "shankara maha manana", which is in kannada

Krishna Kashyap kkashyap2011 at gmail.com
Mon May 22 10:42:28 EDT 2023


I downloaded this book which is Kannada: "Shankara maha manana". I think
this book is an excellent book on Advaita. In a question-and-answer format,
he has explained complex concepts in a simple way. However, it is in
Kannada and many people do not know Kannada.

Please let me know if this book was translated into English.

here is a list of his English books:


Here is an interesting comment on HH Sacchidanandendra swami ji by Sri
Vidyasankar Sundareshan, who incidentally started the Advaita Group,
immediately after a conversation on Brihadaranyaka Upanishad ( A 3-way call
between myself, Sri VidyaSankar, and Sri Mani Varadarajan. Incidentally, it
took place sometime in the year 1986. Not sure. I know the conference call
was expensive: probably 5$ per minute. This conversation took place for a
couple of hours!!)


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