[Advaita-l] Do 'Tamasa' Puranas enjoin practice of Adharma?

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Dear Raghav ji,

Here is a very lengthy post that exposes the unreliability of those alleged
verses of the Padma Purana that you have cited:

Pl. read the full post here:

Please read all the three posts on the above link.  It is a very detailed
refutation of the Padma Purana verses supposedly denigrating Advaita. All
those non-Advaitins who have cited them to fault Advaita have unknowingly
faulted Veda Vyasa and the Vedanta Shastra.  It is worth taking the time to
read the above fully so as to be armed with replies whenever someone brings
up those Padma Purana verses.

warm regards

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> .Namaste Subbu ji
> The Padma purANa itself reads like a sectarian text in many parts esp.
> with the following lines in the Uttarakhand (chapter 236 verses 8 onwards).
> Possibly heavy interpolations.  It conveniently lists itself in a
> self-referential way as a sattvika purANa.
> Also the use of the word "i myself as a brahmana "proclaimed" it in Kali
> (age)" is mysterious. Does the sanskrit original also use the past tense?
> indicating that these verses are of recent origin.
> " The doctrine of Maya (illusion)
> is a wicked doctrine and said to be pseudo-Buddhist. I myself,
> of the form of a brahmana, proclaimed it in Kali (age). It shows the
> meaninglessness of the words of the holy texts and is condemned in the
> world. In this (doctrine) only the  giving up of one's own duties is
> expounded. And that is said to  be religiousness by those who have fallen
> from all duties. I have  propounded the identity of the Highest Lord and
> the (individual) soul. I stated this Brahman's nature to be qualityless. O
> goddess, I myself have conceived, for the destruction of the
> worlds, and for deluding the world in this Kali age, the great doctrine
> resembling the purport of the Vedas, (but) non-Vedic
> due to the principle of Maya (illusion) (present in it). By my order
> formerly Jaimini propounded the great doctrine of Poorva
> Mimaihsa, stating godlessness and making the Veda meaningless.
> 1 3-17. 0 Girija, know from me the vicious doctrines. I
> shall also narrate the names of the vicious Puranas* in success-
> ion : Brahma, Padma, Vaivarta, Saiva, so also Bhaagavata. So
> also Naradiya and Markandeya as the seventh. Agneya is said
> to be the eighth, and BhaviShya to be the ninth. Brahmavaivarta
> is said to be the tenth, and Linga to be eleventh. Varaha is said
> to be the twelfth and Vamana the thirteenth. Kurma is said to
> be the fourteenth and Matsya the fifteenth. Garuda is said to be
> the sixteenth, and Skanda to be the seventeenth. The eighteenth
> is Brahmaanda (These are) the Puranas.as in succession.
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