[Advaita-l] Prashnottara Ratna Malika - 3

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Tue May 9 18:47:27 EDT 2023

(Continued from previous post)
Q16. कस्माद्भयमिह?
What is the origin of fear in this world?
A16. मरणात् |
Q17. अन्धादिह को विशिष्यते?
Who is afflicted by another form of blindness?
A17. रागी।
Someone who is attached.
Q18. कः शूरो?
Who is heroic?
A18. यो ललनालोचनबाणैर्नव्यथितः|
One who does not fall ill because of the arrow-like glances of lusty women.
Q19. पातुम् कर्णाञ्जलिभिः किममृतमिह युज्यते?
What should be listened to like nectar?
A19. सदुपदेशः।
Good teachings.
Q20. किं गुरुताया मूलं?
What is the root of greatness?
A20. यदेतदप्रार्थनं नाम |
What is defined as not asking for personal favors.
(To be Continued)

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