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On Fri, 28 Apr 2023, Raghav Kumar Dwivedula wrote:

> I got from your links the version followed by Sri Anand Hudli and also found
> online the Vani vilas edition of the stotra from archives. These two
> different in several of the phrases but the overall number remains 17. So
> that's a convergence on one front.
> In other words the Vani vilas version and Sri Anand Hudli versions are
> different in content but not number of verses.
> My current version which i had been following for some years is identical to
> the Anand Hudli version. I was hoping this tallies with the Dakshinamurthy
> Math complete works. Could not get a link to that in archives.org.
> Can you plz share it if you have the link so that I can confirm the surmise
> that Sri Hudli and I had been following their version.?

The Dakshinamurti Math is a Dashanami math in Kashi.  They published a 
series called advaitagrantharatnamanjusha containing major Advaita works 
with commentaries.  These are very good editions.  I was under the 
impression that there was one volume that contained stotras by 
Shankaracharya, Appaya Dikshita etc.  I cannot find that now in my 
collection.  However it seems they also have Dakshinamurti Sanskrit 
Granthamala which has a volume like this called Stuti Sanchaya.  It is 
available from their website www.dakshinamurtimath.com/books  In this book, the 
stotra can be found on P. 232.  It has 13 verses.

I also have a book of stotras called Brhatstotraratnakara with was 
published by Pt. Ramtej Pandey in Kashi.  The version of the stotra there
also has 13 verses.

So I'm wondeering if there are  "northern" and "southern" recensions of 
this stotra with 13 and 17 shlokas respectively?  Which one of the two is 
authentic (or neither) is a question that would require searching and 
comparing manuscripts from as many parts of India as possible.

Jaldhar H. Vyas <jaldhar at braincells.com>

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