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This is the dhyAna shloka for the Narasimha mantra:

Satyajnaana-sukhasvaroopam amalam ksheeraabdhi-madhyasthitam

Yogaroodha-matiprasannavadanam bhooshaa-sahasrojvalam |

Tryaksham chakra-pinaaka-saabhayavaraan bibhraNa-margachchavim

Chatreebhoota-paNeendramindudhavalam Lakshmi-nrusimham bhaje ||

सत्यज्ञानसुखस्वरूपममलं क्षीराब्धिमध्यस्थितं

योगारूढमतिप्रसन्नवदनं भूषासहस्रोज्ज्वलम् ।

त्र्यक्षं चक्रपिनाकसाभयवरान् बिभ्राणमर्कच्छविं

छत्रीभूतफणीन्द्रमिन्दुधवलं लक्ष्मीनृसिंहं भजे ॥

//I worship Lord Laksminarasimha whose essential nature is absolute
Existence, Consciousness and Bliss, who is immaculate, who is established
in Yoga, whose countenance is very pleasing, who is glorious with numerous
ornaments, who has three eyes, who bears the chakra, the pinAka and the
signs of granting fearlessness and boons, who is lustrous like the sun, who
is fair in complexion like the moon, who has the king of snakes (shesha)
serving as an umbrella over Him and who dwells in the middle of the ocean
of milk.//

This is the dhyAna shloka for the Narasimha mantra.

HH Sri Abhinava Vidyatirtha SwaminaH, the 35th Jagadguru of the Sringeri
Peetham was specially devoted to Lord Narasimha.  He had said about the
above verse:

//God who is formless and of the nature of absolute Existence,
Consciousness and Bliss, appears as Shiva, Vishnu, Amba and so on for the
sake of His devotees.  The form of Narasimha described in this verse is
itself suggestive of the actual non-difference between Shiva and Vishnu.
That Narasimha is an incarnation of Vishnu is well known.  Here, He is
spoken of as being with Lakshmi, the consort of Vishnu, as bearing the
chakra, the weapon of Vishnu, and as having the hoods of Shesha, as His
umbrella, like Vishnu.  Further, He is said to be in the middle of the
ocean of milk.  This too fits Vishnu.  However Narasimha is presented here,
like Shiva, as three-eyed.  He bears the pinAka, the bow of Shiva.  Further
like Shiva, and unlike Vishnu, Narasimha is described as very fair.//

Quoted from 'Yoga, Enlightenment and Perfection'.



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