[Advaita-l] Prashnottara Ratna Malika - 2

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(Continued from previous post)
Q10. किं संसारे सारं? 
What is the essence of life?
A10. बहुशॊपि चिन्त्यमानमिदमेव ।
This is something on which we must meditate many times.
Q11. किं मनुजेष्विष्टतमं? 
What is most desirable for human beings?
A11. स्वपरहितायोद्यतं जन्म |
A life dedicated to the benefit of oneself and others.
Q12. मदिरेव मोहजनकः कः?
What generates delusion, like liquor?
A12. स्नेहः |
Q13. के च दस्यवो?
Who are the thieves?
A13. विषयाः।
The sense objects.
Q14. का भववल्ली?
What is the plant (creeper) of birth?
A14. तृष्णा | 
Thirst for pleasure.
Q15. को वैरी?
Who is the enemy?
A15. यस्त्वनुद्योगः |
The only enemy is laziness.
(To be Continued)

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