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Hare Krishna

Isvara is said to be the creator,sustainer,destroyer etc of the universe.

>  Yes, and the brahman is abhinna nimittOpadAna kAraNa as well for the universe.  

He is also the karma phala data, etc. He is possessed of gunas.

>  Yes, both geeta and shwetaashwatara shruti say that.  

He is the atman(antaryamin of all beings). 

>  He is antaryaami and upAdAna as well.  

But the antaryamin atman is nirvesha and never does any activity. The atman by its mere presence facilitates the body and manas do its work, Then how is that isvara is the atman(nirvesha) at the same time controller of maya and possesed of gunas of sarvashaktha,sarvajnata etc.

>  He doesn't have a deha nor organs. No one is on par with HIM or greater. His prowess is known to be multifaceted and he is capable of action by the strength of his natural jnana says shruti, it is because sarvajnatva, sarvashaktitva etc. are his intrinsic nature ( saH sarvajnasvabhAvyAt Atma eka eva san eekshata again confirms shruti).  But from the pAramArthika drushti where the upAdhi-s are negated (nirupAdhikatvaM of parabrahman) there is no transactions such as srushti / sthiti / laya so there is no need to exhibit his omniscience etc. hence in Atman's svarUpa, transactionally there is no sarvajnatva etc and ishwara's exhibitable qualities like omniscience, omnipotence etc. in avidyA kshetra.  (2.1.14 sUtra bhAshya).  But this should not come in the way of our understanding that sarvajnatvaM, sarvashatitvam etc. are intrinsic nature of parabrahman.  Yes it is true from the siddhAnta view point all action, like seeing and hearing involves dvaita which is conspicuous by its absence in the svarUpa of brahman. But that does not mean that brahman does not have even sight. 'Being a seer he does not see. The sight of the seer is never left because it never becomes non-existent confirms and clarifies  bhAshyakAra in bruhad bhAshya.  

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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