[Advaita-l] Does the Jnani retain his name-form in Mukti? An article in Kannada

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Tue Apr 18 00:52:37 EDT 2023

Hare Krishna

Yes,  as per some traditionalists!! It is just because after mukti / mOksha / paramArtha jnana, his senses continue to function in a 'normal' way (as per bhAshya reference) so 'a' jnAni as per his prArabdha might have the avidyA lesha also ( like seeing dviteeya Chandra / dighbhrAnta etc.)  and hence when he is living in a physical body he is there very much identifying his individuality.  Note, these sampradaya vAdins argue that :  this state of jnAni is NOT the vyAvahArika drushti of some ajnAni-s who are still seeing the jnAni in a physical body but it is 'siddhAnta drushti' as per Advaita.  After physical death of the jnAni ONLY he will get 'mukhya' mukti, whatever jnana/muktAvastha etc. said or attributed on the jnAni when he is physically living is 'gauNa' not mukhya.  And further, even after mukhya mukti, some elevated souls like apAntaratama-s dragging their own prArabdha and as per the order of paramAtma may again take birth like vyAsa (again based on shankara bhAshya reference).  

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!
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