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However, this text will be used for most postings, since it's complete and in order:
http://jagannathavallabha.com/pdf_engl/prasnottara%20english%20for%20amazon.pdf )
Sankara Bhagavatpada
(The Gem-Garland of Questions and Answers)
In this work, Adi Sankara enlightens and clears our doubts about
various issues, in the form of simple question-answers. We intend to
include a few in each issue of the Journal.
kaH khalu nAla~Nkriyate dR^iShTAdR^iShTArthasAdhanapaTIyAn |
amuyA kaNThasthitayA prashnottararatnamAlikayA || 1||
Who will not adorn himself with this precious necklace of questions and
answers, by memorizing it for constant remembrance, since it is the best
means to obtain all visible and invisible successes in life!
Q1. भगवन् किमुपादेयं?
Oh Lord ! Which is to be taken?
A1. गुरुवचनं |
The utterances of the Guru.
Q2. हेयमपि किम्‌?
And, which is to be given up?
A2. अकार्यम्‌ |
The forbidden act.
Q3. को गुरुः ?
Who is a Guru (Preceptor)?
A3. अधिगततत्त्वः शिष्यहितायोद्यतः सततम्‌ |)
One who has realized the truth and ever strives for the good of the disciple.
Q4. त्वरितं किं कर्तव्यं विदुषां?
What should the wise hasten to do?
A4. संसारसन्ततिच्छेदः |
To end the cycle of birth and death.
Q5. किं मोक्षतरोर्बीजं ?
What is the seed of the tree of liberation?
A4. सम्यक्ज्ञानं क्रियासिद्धम्‌ |
Proper knowledge, applied through action.
Q6. कः पथ्यतरः?
What is more beneficial than anything?
A6. धर्मः |
Q7. कः शुचिः इह?
Who is the pure (person) here?
A7. यस्य मानसं शुद्धम्‌ |
One whose mind is pure.
Q8. कः पण्डितः ?
Who is wise and learned?
A8. विवेकी |
An intelligent person with power of discrimination.
Q9. किं विषम्‌ ?
What is poison?
A10. अवधीरणा गुरुषु |
Disrespecting the words of the Preceptors.
(To be Continued)

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