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A documentary on a Vedic competition organized by Om Charitable Trust:


"These scholars are very reluctant to seek financial aid and recognition
from the government, because with academic recognition and funds from the
government, they will be compelled to follow the syllabus decided by those
officials who have not studied in the traditional discipline."

I look at this video and think in contrast a quote of Monier-WIlliams:

"When the walls of the mighty fortress of Brahminism are encircled,
undermined, and finally stormed by the soldiers of the Cross, the victory
of Christianity must be signal and complete.

In the battle of dharma vs adharma, the pandavas were 5 and the kauravas
100. The difference was that Arjuna and his brothers wanted only Krishna;
Duruyodhana gleefully took His armies. For the brahmin and/or traditional
Hindu, to stand with Krishna is to abide by one's svadharma as taught in
the tradition and not forsake it, no matter the ominous odds. Very
difficult today, but the video shows that shraddha and the refusal of a few
to surrender it is still (by Ishvara anugraha) breathing life in this
"Brahminism" that the missionary mind considered then and considers now as
the backbone of the Hindu civilization.


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