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Dear Reader,
What are you?satyam jnAnaM ananatam brahma ||sarvagM hyEtad brahma ayamAtmA brahma ||ahamEvEdagM sarvam || Chandogya 7-25-1AtmaivEdagM sarvam || Chandogya  7-25-2Atmata EvEdagaM sarvam || Chandogya 7-26-1
Hence ahamEva AtmA, ahamEva brahma .Can you deny this fact of Life?

YOU are :
Is there any such thingas that which cannot be negated?  Is there something we can know directlywhich is reality as defined?  Yes.  There is.

It is YOU.  Your presence.  Can that ever be negated?  Can younegate your Self?  Can you negate your presence?  You are THAT whichcan never be negated.  But if that "you" is taken to be alimited entity - a separate person - of course it can be negated, simplybecause that limited entity is an appearance. 

Yet that ever-present presence that you are can never be negated at all. It's always-here.  It's always the capacity to know any appearanceand the passing of appearance.  It's that which never changes.  It'sYOU.

It's YOU.  Your true essence is this presence of knowing that you are,this presence of "knowing what IS" - is that presence apart FROM whatIS?  No.  It IS what IS.

You ARE what IS.  Start there.
This is the Ultimate Truth. paramArthasatya.
Be an Atmavit not a mantravit.Thus said Upanishad Sages.

Best of luck.
With respectful namaskars,Sreenivasa Murthy

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