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> Ashish Payasi
> -------------
> I am 45 Years old male who have had a successful life yet there have been
> no
> peace until I listened to Swami Sarvapriayanand on variety of topics. I
> started meditating after hearing him and realized that it brings peace.
> Having lived a noisy life full of distractions that a normal human being
> goes through I had very less interest towards material world and nothing
> seems to please or bring happiness. I am therefore started focusing more on
> inner peace through meditation and mindfulness. I stay in Greater Noida,
> Uttar Pradesh however I am keen to know how and where can I join the Advait
> Vedanta and attend to teachings and experience of other monks and learn
> from
> the best. My ultimate aim is to find moksha from the human life and I would
> like to get started at the earliest.
> --
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