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Everything is fine but your comment on Kamya Karma is not correct.  Karma
is for Chitta Suddhi only for Advaitins. Not to enjoy some Phala in next
Janma like Svarga. Therefore Kamya Karma should not be done at all. Only
Nitya and naimittika Karmas are allowed. Otherwise we will become like
Meemamsakas or Pracchanna Charvakas interested in enjoyment only.

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> The vidhi does not seek to say that the yAga or yAgaphala is a
> pAramArthika satya vastu - it literally says that the one desirous of X
> must do Y.
> Whether X and Y are vyAvahArika or pAramArthika, Y will be the kAraNa for X
> - in either case the sentence has prAmANya.
> praNAms
> Hare Krishna
> Yes interestingly bhagavatpAda says that one who desirous of certain phala
> should do certain karma / upAsana.  And what he gets through this karma is
> adrushta or lOkAntara / janmAntara phala for which shAstraM eva
> pramANam...since shAstra also teaching that the jnana (paramArtha jnana)
> phala which can be realized/experienced in this very life itself shAstra
> would act as pramANa for both drushta and adrushta phala-s and karma para /
> vidhi para vAkya-s too would get prAmANyata with this.  And all these
> shAstra vidhi-s should end in giving us the knowledge that this Atman is
> brahman and after the dawn of this jnana all pramANa-s would end clarifies
> in 4th sUtra : tasmAdahaM brahmAsmiti etat avasAnA  eva sarvE vidhayaH
> sarvANi chetarANi pramANAni.  So, upanishat siddhAnta will not come in the
> way of karma kAnda and karma janita phala.  Those who want to do some kAmya
> karma, shAstra will simply instruct them to do so to get the desired
> result.
> Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!
> bhaskar
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