[Advaita-l] What is consciousness or chaitanya?

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Greg - Greetings. 
First modern science has not come to grips with what is Consciousness. Even what is mind is also not clear - is it the brain? or is it just some neuron arrangements? They cannot even define properly 'what is a thought?' Please look at the papers on Cognitive Sciences. I have looked at many papers in these journals and gave up. There are many theories and postulates about it. 
Vedanta says you cannot investigate what is consciousness since the very investigation makes it an object of study; and hence it becomes inert since any object by definition is inert, as per Advaita. The one who is trying to investigate is the subject, a conscious entity. The subject cannot be objectified - that is the Self you are. I hope you are an existent and conscious entity. Of course, you identify with your mind and say I am a conscious entity - to express yourself you need the mind. But when you go to a deep sleep state your mind is folded and you are there. Do not worry about what Advaita says. Try to investigate who you are beside the mind. The mantra 7 of Mandukya defines your true nature. That is what Advaita says about you, who is pure consciousness-existence and therefore limitless. 
Now you can find the answer to your question by inquiring about your true nature using the mantra 7 of Madukya Upanishat. Goudapada wrote an interpretation of this mantra in his kaarika - the whole book! 
You can listen to many talks on this Upanishad online on you-tube by many teachers. 
Hope this helps.
Hari Om!


    On Wednesday, July 20, 2022 at 08:55:11 AM GMT+5:30, The Crimson Universe via Advaita-l <advaita-l at lists.advaita-vedanta.org> wrote:  
 Namaste, Greg here.
I asked this question yesterday but didn't get no response.
So i'm sending this e-mail again.

Advaita says, you are consciousness. You are chaitanya.

My question is -
 What is the definition of consciousness or chaitanya in Advaita?

Modern Science and even Buddhism, equates consciousness with the human
mind, since according to them, its the mind that always remain conscious or
aware of everything around it.

But Advaita says, consciousness or chaitanya is different from the mind.
Please explain to me, how is it so?

Thank you.🙏🏼
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