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Hari Om,

I'll try to elaborate. The interesting thing about the Bhajanai Sampradayam
is that all the Swamigals of the Dakshina Paddathi are Smarthas and
Advaitins. They mainly focus on singing the glories of the lord from the
following advaitic texts: Bodhendral Swamigal (59th Acharya of Kanchi
Kamakoti Peetham), Shridhara Ayyaval (Another great Advaitin, a
contemporary of Bodhendra Swamigal), Sadhguru Swamigal (Another Advaitin,
who searched really hard the adishthanam in Govindapuram of Bodhendral
Swamigal). They also sing the kirtanas of Sadashiva Brahmendral, Narayana
Teerthar, Jayadevar, Narayana Bhattadri, and many other advaitic Stutis
from Ramayanam and Bhagavatam. We may find some dwaita works from other
sampradayas like Saint Thukaram, Saint Chaitanya, etc, but the sampradayam
when performed by Smarthas (which are most people), actually give a holding
stick for common public as a means to get involved with their own Smartha



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> https://youtu.be/fImWcQhED54
> This video elaborates on the topic
> On Sat, 16 Jul, 2022, 1:31 pm Aravind M, <aravindeie13 at gmail.com> wrote:
> > Hi all,
> > In Tamilnadu there is a new nama sankirtana movement in the name of
> > bodhendral and other saints..the upanyasakals of the sambradayam claim
> > themselves as avatar of lord Narayana..most of the tamil smartas are
> > hearing to their lectures.they even deliver talks in kanchi mutt also
> ..how
> > does shankara sambradayam recognise their roles.. actually I feel that
> they
> > are misguiding and deviating smartas from the path of shankara
> >
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