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Dear all,

I wish to inform you about a course that I plan to start.
It is a course on the basics of Sankhya philosophy and quite an in-depth
understanding of Advaita Vedanta philosophy.
The topics are as follows:

*Basics of Sankhya Philosophy*
General Introduction to Sankhya Philosophy
Purusha and Prakrti in Sankhya "
Cosmic Creation in Sankhya "
"Effect in Cause" principle in Sankhya

*Means of Knowing acc. to Advaita Vedanta*
Pratyaksa Knowledge
Means (Pramana) of Pratyaksa knowledge
Types of Pratyaksa Pramana
Anumana and Upamana Pramanas
Shabda Pramana
Arthapatti and Anupalabdhi Pramana

*Adhyasa (Superimposition) in Advaita Vedanta*
Characteristics of Adhyasa
Cause of Adhyasa
Cosmic Creation
Cosmic Destruction

*Other Topics in Advaita Vedanta*
Three conditions of the jiva
The Five Coverings (Kosha) of the jiva
Meaning of the Four Great Statements (Maha-vakyas) of the Upanisads
Understanding the Maha-vakyas
Means to attain Mukti (Liberation)
Constituents of Samadhi and Obstacles in achieving it

This course is based on the syllabus of the two-part Sanskrit book
"Bharatiya Darshan", a class 12 book of the National Institute of Open
Learning (NIOS). Although the syllabus is for class 12 students of NIOS, it
is at par with the syllabus of postgraduate students at many other places.
I am planning to have the classes twice a week. I have not yet decided on
the days and timing.
In my estimation, the course will take 95 to 100 classes of one hour each
to be completed.
The fees for the course will be decided once we have a group of genuinely
interested students.

I request you kindly forward this message to your contacts.
If anyone is interested in this course, they can contact me on:
My Email: psmehta.in at gmail.com
My Phone and WhatsApp: +91 7045083765
My LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/paras-mehta-a98200154/

Thank you for your kind attention.

Best regards,
Paras Mehta

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