[Advaita-l] Binary nature of Jnana

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Namaste Bhaskar ji

On Thu, 7 Jul 2022, 06:26 Bhaskar YR, <bhaskar.yr at hitachienergy.com> wrote:

> Ø    adhikArika jiva-s have complete tattvajnAna means they are brahman (
> tattva jnana = brahma jnana and those who have this jnana brahman) so what
> this tattva jnana would help them to realize is : edam brahma ekarasaM, eha
> brahmaNi nAnA nAsti kinchana ‘aNumAtramapi’.

> If the tattvajnAna is such a strong realization that edam sarvaM brahma
> and there is no duality whatsoever (aNumAtramapi) how can they engage in
> vyavahAra which is obviously based on duality??
The general answer to these questions is to ask yourself how this works for
the jIvanmukta and the answer will be the same for these also.

However, to provide a specific answer  - Because even when engaging in
vyavahAra their conviction is that I am not doing anything - naiva kincit
karomIti yukto manyeta tattvavit - because nothing is happening in reality.

Yes, there is bAdhitAnuvrutti explanation is there for this seeming
> vyavahAra of jnAni-s BUT without the vyavahAra satyatva buddhi i.e. he is
> tattvajnAni, others are still in the realm of avidyA and ‘I’ as an
> individual tattvajnAni enlighten them as per the orders of Ishwara.  By the
> way as we know Ishwara is only in vyavahAra and his existence, upAdhi-s
> etc. are mere avidyAkrutaM ( brahman conditioned by name and form set up by
> ‘avidyA’ becomes Ishwara, says bhAshya) and how can a tattvajnAni
> attributes satyatvaM to the Ishwara tattva which is avidyAkruta  when he
> himself in ekaM eva adviteeya j tattva jnana ??
The svarUpa of Ishvara is the tattvajnAni himself. Such an Ishvara is real.
The jnAni can engage in a not real vyavahAra with his not real upAdhi-s
based on a not real instruction from a real Ishvara with not real upAdhi-s.

> obeying the orders of Ishwara, seeing the other jeeva-s as ajnAni-s,
> seeing himself as paramArtha jnAni, for teaching this jnana taking birth
> using prArabdha etc. does not prove satyatva buddhi in vyavahAra while
> staying in paramArtha??
No, please see above.

> Now, we don't admit that there is any bheda between and within
> jIva-jagat-Ishvara for the jIvanmukta, so why should there be such bheda
> for the AdhikArika jIva?
> Ø     Kindly see above, if there is absolutely no bheda whatsoever, being
> established themselves in tattvajnAna how can adhikArika special jeeva-s
> could still see some other ajnAni jiva-s and how can they still obey the
> orders of Ishwara when Ishwara tattva itself avidyAkruta…I am finding this
> difficult to do samanyava with Advaita paripUrNa jnana hence guessed these
> tattvajnAnis’ realization might be something similar to krama mukti where
> Ishwara-jeeva bheda still holds good.
How do you do samanvaya of this for the jIvanmukta? Is this any different
to that?

vyavahAra and paramArtha are not avasthA-s, states. paramArtha is right
> here, right now present - in the middle of all the vyavahAra. The
> jIvanmukta despite being the paramArtha, seemingly engages in vyavahAra. So
> does the AdhikArika jIva.
> Ø     adhikArika jiva and jeevanmukta-s seemingly engaging in activities,
> is interesting observation, please elucidate if your time permits.  Perhaps
> the above statement we have to understand with the bhAshya vAkya : vidvAn
> sa ehaiva brahma yadyapi dehavAn eva lakshyate, sa brahmaiva san
> brahmApyeti.
Yes. How do our AchAryas perform ChandramoulIshvara pUja-s being
jIvanmukta-s? Who is worshipping what with what? यत्र वा अस्य
सर्वमात्मैवाभूत्तत्केन कं जिघ्रेत्तत्केन कं पश्येत्?


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