[Advaita-l] Binary nature of Jnana

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praNAms Sri Ananda prabhuji
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1. When one attains Jnana, one cannot fall back to Ajnana. Hence it is binary in nature.
2. When one attains Jnana, one may practice Nididhyasana in order to counter Viparita Bhavana 

>  Sorry, I am not able to understand the difference between ajnAna and vipareeta bhAvana.  One of the nature of avidyA is vipareeta grahaNa (anyathA grahaNa) If this vipareeta bhAvana is not ajnAna as noted in point 1, then what exactly is this vipareeta bhAvana that needs to be countered through the practice of nidhidhyAsana??  Please elaborate to get more clarity.  

3. Nididhyasana is post jnana. Until Jnana it is only Manana. Even Vedantic Meditations can be considered only as Nirguna Upasana/Dhyana and not Nididhyasana.
4. Even though one is a Jnani, if Viparita Bhavana is strong then there is a possibility of rebirth and there is no guarantee of Videha Mukti

>  again confusion, vipareeta bhAvana is strong in a jnAni!! How can  a person be called jnAni when vipareeta bhAvana or anyathA grahaNa/adhyAsa is so strong??  Either jnana or vipareeta bhAvana should be there both cannot occupy same place at the same time.  Ekasmin purusha ete ekadaiva na saha sambadhyeyAtAmityarthaH, yathA shuktikAyAM rajata shuktijnAne ekasya purushasya...and the conclusion is tasmAnna vidyAyAM satyAm avidyAsaMbhavOsti says bhAshyakAra...we cannot simultaneously have the correct knowledge of rope and wrong knowledge of snake since vipareeta bhAvana, anythA grahaNa, adhyAsa/samshaya/jnAnAbhAva all jnana viruddha.  

 5. The last thought at the time of death determining one's rebirth is applicable to an Ajnani only.
6. The word Brahmanishta can be used for Ajnani and Jnani as well. It all depends on the context where the word occurs.

>  Kindly refer geeta bhAshya 18-55 for more clarity on this issue.  

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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