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praNAms Sri Subbuji
Hare Krishna

  *   Thanks for your reply.  Kindly let me elaborate by concerns here :

The questions that you have raised can be answered thus: The Jnani who is said to take various births in order to exhaust his extraordinary punya prarabdha could be likened to Bhagwan Krishna, say in the Gita.

  *   Yes Krishna talks about HIS previous janma-s and arjuna's previous janma-s as well.  So punarapi jananaM, punarapi maraNaM applicable to both atleast in this context of kurukshetra, ofcourse lord is mastering  his birth ( as he clarifies) as per his wish taking birth whenever there is dharma glAni, whereas tiny jeeva arjuna due to mAyA pAsha.

Krishna who is himself an Advaita Jnani is here seeing so many jivas and giving guidance. So this kalpanaa is not in contradiction to his Advaita jnana of paramarthika abheda, while the bheda is vyavaharika, mithya.

  *   I just wonder can we say the whole episode of mahAbhArata, Sanjaya narrating the events at Kurukshetra battle field to dhrutarAshtra, krishna's geetOpadesha etc.  mere kalpanA vilAsa without any truth in it??  If yes, in whose mind this imagination was happening??  Definitely I don't think it was in arjuna's mind as he was already imprisoned in shOka and mOha nor in krisna's mind as there is no NEED for him to imagine like this.

In this way we can say that the status of the Adhikarika Purusha in the  Brahma Sutra, which has a basis in Mahabharata for example, in the case of Sage Apantaratamas who was instructed by Vishnu to take the role of Veda Vyasa. Again it is like the life the Jivanmukta experiences, exhausting the prarabdha  karna before shedding the body.

  *   Sri Venkatraghavan prabhuji clarified that these jnAni-s are indeed pAramArthika tattva jnAni-s and as per that it is quite evident that they will be in that bhUmAvastha when they are taking and instructions from Ishwara, my doubt is, in that state is there any provision to see the bheda among jeeva-s, Ishwara and jagat??  It seems it is OK to see the bhedha among these things in that state also with the realization of mithyatva of the same.  Now, the jeeva-s designated for the upliftment of other jeeva-s think that Ishwara and his instruction also mithyA and they are just following it??  Jeeva-Ishwara bheda is kevala mithya in the samyak tattva jnana what is the need for re-birth when Chaitanya is One for these elevated soul/s!!??  Kindly note when we are talking about these things we are not talking about mithyA vyavahAra OTOH we are talking about some jeevaatma-s who realized the ultimate and established themselves in pAramArthika satyaM in toto obeying the orders of Ishwara who they have already realized as mere vyavahArika satya and in their present bhUmAvasthA Ishwara does not have a separate existence and IshwaratvaM is nothing but vikalpa in that secondless state.  So it cannot vyavahArika satya but transaction taking place in pAramArthika satya the state in which there is kriyAkAraka phala shUnyaM and sarvAtma bhAvaM.  Or am I missing something here?? Not sure.

He has the abheda jnana but the body continues to live in the (pancha) bheda yukta prapancha (which Advaita no doubt admits in the vyavaharika) which he definitely sees as mithya. nava dvaare purey dehi naiva kurvan, na kaarayan..

?     samyakjnAna praaptAvapi avashyaM bhaavinee pravruttiH vAngmanaH kAyAnAM says bhAshyakAra sUtra bhAshya, we discussed this bhAshyavAkya earlier also during our discussion about jnAni's body!!  This statement is meant for ajnAni-s who still see the body of jnAni or is it the REAL state of jnAni??  If it is the real state of jnAni even after samyak jnana then the upasiddhAnta is that there is indeed individual body of the jnAni and its birth and death indeed true and absence of saNchita and Agaami and influence of prArabdha and due to which avidyA lesha etc. are indeed have its say in jnAni's behavior / actions.

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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