[Advaita-l] Binary nature of Jnana

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praNAms Sri Venkatraghavan prabhuji
Hare Krishna

No. Once jnAna arises, there is no rebirth after the end of prArabdha karma. For most, that prArabdha karma ends with the death of the body in which jnAna arises. However, in certain rare cases (e.g. sage apAntaratama taking another body as vedavyAsa, sanatkumAra being reborn to Parameshvara and Amba Parvati as skanda, etc) under the instructions of Ishvara, some jIva-s take multiple births for the benefit of the world, and in doing so, exhaust their prArabdha. Their puNya is so great, that one body is insufficient to exhaust their prArabdha.

>  whenever I read the passages like this I get the doubts like : (a) whether these jeeva-s apAntaratama-s, sanatkumAra etc. attained paramArtha svarUpa jnana which helps them to realize that there is no srushti, sthiti, laya no mumukshu, nor moksha type of paramArtha jnana OR just krama mukti type of jnana like saarUpya, sAlOkya, saayujya, laya with Ishwara tattva type of dvaita mukti??  If we see the scenario i.e. these jnAni-s ( a separate and specially ranked group of jeeva-s or utkrushta jeeva-s) will be there with complete set of their respective individuality somewhere and they will wait for Ishwara's instructions to take re-birth to uplift other downtrodden  jeeva-s.  (b) OR if it is paramArtha jnAna (ultimate jnana) then there wont be IshwarAstitva ( as the concept of Ishwaraastitva, his omnipotence, omniscience etc. defensible only in advidyA vyavahAra ) and paramArth state is ekaM evaM adviteeyaM state there wont be an iota of duality (neha nAnAsti kiMchana) so, in that state there are no transactions like some jeeva-s aspiring mOksha waiting for some other already elevated jeeva-s like apAntaratama-s etc., some jeeva-s already attained punarAvrutti rahita mOksha, some jeeva-s even though attaining mOksha but with their  individuality intact and act according to Ishwara's instructions.  ( a glaring evidence of gradations in different jeeva-s)

 And  some jeeva-s getting jnana permanently through that getting rid of cycle of birth and death, some specially labelled jeeva-s taking re-birth using their remnants of prArabdha after getting the instruction from Almighty Ishwara,  would mean that there is srushti, there is karma, there is jeeva-jeeva bheda, there is jeeva-Ishwara bheda etc. even in samyak or paramArtha jnAna!!??  Some big waves maintaining their individuality in the water guiding other small waves to realize that they too water!!??  Is this what conveyed here by differentiating jeeva-s and Ishwara??  Not sure though!!!

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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