[Advaita-l] Binary nature of Jnana

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Namaste Praveen ji

I am sharing my understanding. Kindly point out if anything is out of place.

The examples of Jadabharata etc., seem illustrative of the fact that until
paripakva GYAnam (where viparIta bhAvanas have all been addressed) arises,
there is a need for nididhyaasanam. And if there is laxity on that front,
the possibility of further embodiment cannot be ruled out. The cases of Sri
Ramana Maharshi etc are also in the same category of those who can be
inferred to have completed shravaNam mananam in their previous lives but
still needed one more birth to arrive at paripakva GYAnam.

The JMV, at first glance, presents a more optimistic prognosis, of
videhamukti for the sAdhaka who has reached the fruition of shravaNa and
manana but who still has unresolved viparIta bhAvanas. (i.e., the sAdhaka
who now has access to the akhanDAkara vRtti by sufficient shravaNa-manana ;
a vRtti where there is no phala vyApti and thus this vRtti gives access to
nididhyaasanam.  Barring access to such a vRtti only nirguNa upAsanam "I am
Brahman" is possible for the sAdhaka.)

The question of what happens to the one who does not show sufficient
commitment to any sort of GYAna raxaNa by the practice of nididhyaasanam,
is a valid question.

My current understanding is that if the force of viparIta bhAvanas is too
strong then videhamukti need not be a given.

I would understand JMV's "guarantee" of videhamukti for the sAdhaka does
not apply to those who still have significant viparIta bhAvanas
unaddressed.  The post-mortem fate of the sAdhaka who has access to the
phala-vyApti-rahita akhaNDAkAra vRtti (i.e., he has sapratibandhaka aparoxa
GYAnam), but is still dealing with significantly strong viparIta bhAvanas
depends on other factors including whether the final moments of his/her
life are of GYAna vRttis or viparIta bhAvanas.

The jury is still out on whether a mere glimpse of the akhaNDAkara vRtti is
enough to guarantee videhamukti irrespective of the presence of strong
viparIta bhAvanas.


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> > is jnana binary in the sense that, one knows that one is brahman or one
> is
> > in avidya?
> >
> I would say so; however, paripakva jnAna or jnAna-niShThA is growing
> clarity, as Pujya Swami Dayanandaji used to say) as conviction grows and
> counters viparIta-jnAna. As Sw. Paramarthanandaji would say, jnAna is
> comparatively easy, it is this niShThA that takes a long time. This is
> verily why Jivanmuktiviveka establishes that Yajnavalkya took sannyAsa,
> even after aparokSha-jnAna.
> PS: Apologies for too many mails today, but since the list has been light
> these days, I hope it is not an issue.
> Kind rgds,
> --Praveen R. Bhat
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> That, owing to which all this is known! [Br.Up. 4.5.15] */
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