[Advaita-l] Binary nature of Jnana

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Sat Jul 2 12:23:02 EDT 2022

Namaste Chandramouli ji,

On Sat 2 Jul, 2022, 9:26 PM H S Chandramouli, <hschandramouli at gmail.com>

> Just a clarification. My understanding is that for a jnAni, there is no
> rebirth. When it is held that one has aparoksha jnAna but continues to
> have  viparIta-jnAna, and he sheds his mortal coil at that stage, is he
> subject to rebirth or not ?

This is an excellent question, which has been a subject of my thought for
long as well, as also of some satsangis of mine too, to which my conviction
is that there is no rebirth beyond his prArabdha. He attains videhamukti
without being a jivanmukta. In a rare case, such prArabdha can extend
across one life span (sorry, i don't recall the BSB that talks of it),
whereby he may drop off the current body with a thought that leads to the
remainder of prArabdha in another body conducive to it, and likely become a
jivanmukta in such other janma. It may so appear in that janma that this
person attained jnAna without shravaNa!

Vamadeva and Jadabharata come to mind here, though further questions are
possible to separate both cases from each other (or disagree that both were
jnAnis in earlier janma). In the case of Jadabharata, one can even see the
need for jnAnarakShaNa that JMV talks of, which is also why vidvatsannyAsa
is recommended and why the BSB you quoted earlier talks of niShThA possible
only for a sannyAsI.


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