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Tattvamasi (Chhandogya) and Aham Brahmasmi (Brhadaranyaka) are of the
Upanishads.  These verses teach the unity of Jiva-Brahman. The occurrence
of these passages is very extensive in Advaita Darshana. So much so that
these verses have a worldwide reputation as representatives of Advaita

These two sentences are quoted many times in Shankara's Prasthanatraya
Bhashya. Tattvamasi is quoted verbatim in the Bhashya more than a hundred
times. And many times this sentence is paraphrased.  Aham Brahmasmi is
mentioned more than thirty times verbally and many times paraphrased.

The occurrence of these two sentences is numerous in the prakarana texts of
Shankara and in the commentaries of others on these and in the Advaita
works of others.

Example of the verbatim quote:

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