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praNAms Sri Anand prabhuji
Hare Krishna

Also as Jaldharji pointed out, it can happen that one Pramana is not enough and hence some more pramanas come into play in order to arrive at valid knowledge or truth.

>  I don't think Sri Jaldhar prabhuji said like this.  Perhaps he might have said different pramaNA-s would give different special knowledge (visheshaNa)  about the same thing (padArtha).   Like jnAnedriya pramANa janita jnana, like ears help us to know the shabda of the thing, eyes help us to know the shape of the same thing, nose would help us to smell the same thing etc. all visheshaNa-s of the same thing valid knowledge only (yathArtha jnana) atleast transactionally.    sparsha of the dipped straight stick in water would give us the knowledge that it is straight only not curved though eyes see the curved stick.  Through viveka we will come to know stick looking like that through the upAdhi of water.  Likewise, one pramANa janya jnana cannot supersede the other pramANa janya jnana of the same thing.  Because the very meaning of the pramANa is that.  It has to give us the knowledge of prameya 'as it is'.  nAnAtva of jagat is pratyaksha pramANita jnana this cannot be eradicated with ekatvam (shAstra pramANa janita jnana) behind this nAnAtvaM.  Both pramANa-s would act in their own domain one cannot enter the other boundary. Because na cha pramANaM pramANAntareNa virudhyate.  It is because of this reason jnAni would still continue to see nAnAtvaM ( result of prama through pratyaksha) of jagat despite having the knowledge of ekatvaM which is the result of ekatvajnAna realized through shabda pramANa.  

>  Anyway, we shall wait for Sri Jaldhar prabhuji's clarification.

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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