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Dear Subbuji,

Lot of things about Devi worship is given little weight in the Advaiata
sampradaya, due to ignorance of historical facts as well as due to jealousy
towards the Kanchi Kamakoti math. After completing his last bhashya on the
Lalita Trishati, Adi Shakara installed Shri Prithvidhara as the
mathadhipati of the Shringeri math and  he shifted to Kanchipuram to spend
his last days at the feet of Mother Lallta. In Kanchipuram, Adi Shankara
found a very promising  young boy, whom he started training up towards
making him the mathadhipati of the Kanchi Kamakoti math. Before taking his
samadhi, Adi Shankara called Shri Sureshvaracharya to come from Dwarka to
Kanchipuram to look after  the  young prospective mathadhipati. Later on
Shri Prithvidhrara requested Shri Sureshvaracharya to relieve him from his
duties in Shringeri, in order to enable him (Shri Prithvidhara) to be at
the feet of mother Lalita in Kanchipuram. Shri Sureshvaraharya installed
the young boy as the mathadhipati of the Kanchi Kamakoti math and he
shifted to the Shringeri Math.

Sunil KB

On Sat, Dec 31, 2022 at 1:28 AM V Subrahmanian <v.subrahmanian at gmail.com>

> A post and Video by Sri Natraj Maneshinde
> Bhagavati Uma in Advaita ~ A Tattvika Insight
> ============================
> Here is a humble effort in presenting a brief discussion on the Tattva of
> Bhagavati Uma in Advaita Sampradaya.  The talk is mainly based on the
> Kenopanishad bhashya of Bhagavatpada Shankaracharya and the tika of Shri
> Anandagiri Acharya. On going through the evidences discussed here, I hope
> we will get a better understanding of how Advaitian Acharyas envisioned
> Bhagavati Uma and also understand the reason behind the prevalence of
> Devi-worship in the Advaita Sampradaya.
> The slides can be accessed from this link :
> https://adbhutam.files.wordpress.com/2022/12/bhagavati-uma-in-advaita-1.pdf
> Interested folks can also read the following document which gives a more
> comprehensive discussion on Bhagavati Uma based on the works of
> Bhagavatpada, Anandagiri Acharya, Shankaranada Saraswati ji, Vidyaranya
> Mahaswamiji and Sayanacharya :
> https://drive.google.com/file/d/1al0GRbL36B8hzU2NJuY-YFvxzz1FAJ83/view?usp=sharing
> I hope this video would be of some benefit to the aspirants of Advaita 🙏🏻
> ॥ पराचितिस्वरूपिणि जय जय जगज्जननि ॥
> ॥ भव शंकर देशिक मे शरणम् ॥
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