[Advaita-l] [advaitin] Ignorance is the defect in limiting adjuncts and NOT has the locus in Atman/brahman

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 Dear Sri Subramanian,     
Then, why don't you remain  as turiya which is your true nature, say goodbye to your scholarship and become a kRutakRutya?Is this not what your Revered Guru has taught you?
This is my heartfelt request to you.
With respectful namaskars,Sreenivasa Murthy, who has done the above astaught by my Revered Guru.

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Namaste Subbu-ji,
//No Advaitin will ever say that Avidya is 'in' located, aashrita, in Atman, the Chaitanyam.  This is because Chaitanyam is asanga and cannot 'support' avidya in it. So, by default, avidya is in the antahkarana alone, as a dosha, like raga, duhkha and devesha//
As Atman/Brahman is sarvagata and bhUma, it should pervade everything including antahkarana/avidya. In that case how can it be said that avidya is not located in the Atman/Brahman? Appreciate if you could clarify.

Namaste Suresh ji,
By saying 'Avidya is located' in Brahman what is meant is that it is superimposed on Brahman. Just like the jagat, which is a kaarya of avidya, the karana of jagat, avidya/ajnana/prakriti/maya, is also located, in has for its adhishtanam, Brahman. Shankara says this in the Mandukya bhashya: the two effect states, waking and dream, and the causal state, sleep, are both adhyasta on Brahman, Turiya, just like a snake on the rope. So, Turiya is never really afflicted/affected by avidya.


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