[Advaita-l] An interesting post on Ramacharita Manas and Advaita

V Subrahmanian v.subrahmanian at gmail.com
Thu Dec 22 22:41:06 EST 2022

     Analysis of a Misleading post

Recently, a gentleman had written a post in which he mentions that Goswami
Tulsidas has condemned Advaita and that those who follow the philosophy of
Advaita shall end up in Hell.

Read the full post in the link. And the comments there.

A comment:

All said and done, the Ramacharita Manas, its philosophy and ‘language’ is
anathema to the true, original, Ramanuja followers of the South India. They
would never ever approve of the Ramacharita Manas and the other hated book:
Adhyatma Ramayan which is patently full of core Advaita. So, to embrace the
Ramacharita Manas and the Adhyatma Ramayan and at the same time put on the
label of Vishishtadvaita of Ramanuja is the joke of the millennium. Just
like the Gaudiyas who claim Madhwacharya to be their Moola Acharya, are
kept at arms length by the Madhwas of the South, Karnataka, so too is the
case with the ‘Ramanandi’ sect Vs the Ramanuja Vishishtadvaita.

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