[Advaita-l] Yoga Vasishtha Sara - The Essence of the Yoga Vasishtha - CHAPTER VI (MEDITATION ON THE SELF)

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Tue Dec 20 10:57:05 EST 2022

(Continued from previous post)  CHAPTER V: THE DESTRUCTION OF LATENT IMPRESSIONS 1. O Rama, this enquiry into the Self ofthe nature of 'Who am I?' is the fire whichburns up the seeds of the evil tree which isthe mind. 2. Just as the wind does not affect thecreepers in a picture, so also afflictions donot affect one whose understanding is fortifiedby firmness and (always) reflected inthe mirror of enquiry. 3. The knowers of truth declare thatenquiry into the truth of the Self is knowledge.What is to be known is contained init like sweetness in milk. 4. To one who has realized the Self byenquiry Brahma, Vishnu and Siva areobjects of compassion. 5. To one who is fond of enquiring (constantly)'What is this vast universe?' and'Who am I?' this world becomes quite unreal. 6. Just as in a mirage the idea of waterdoes not occur to one who knows (that it isa mirage), even so latent impressions do notrise in one whose ignorance has been destroyedby realizing that everything isBrahman. 7. By the abandonment of latent impressionsor by the control of breathing mindceases to be the mind. Practise whicheveryou like. 8. O pure soul, cherish the association ofsages and the true scriptures ; you willattain the state of Supreme Consciousnessnot in the course of months but days. 9. Latent impressions cease to be activewhen one associates with sages, discards allthoughts of samsara and remembers that thebody has to die. 10. O Raghava, even ignorant personsconvert by the firmness of their conviction,poison into nectar and nectar into poison. 11. When this body is taken to be real itserves the purpose of a body, but when itis seen to be unreal it becomes like space(unsubstantial). 12. O Rama, while lying on a soft bedyou wander about in all directions with adream body ; but now (in this waking state)where is that body ? 13. Just as a respectable man avoids contactwith an outcast woman carrying dog'sflesh, so also one should discard the thought'I-am-the-body', even if everything wereto be lost. 14. When the aspirant (sadhu) thinksonly of Brahman and remains calm and freefrom sorrows his egoity dies of itself. 15. If one-realizes the unity of thingseverywhere, one always remains tranquil,inwardly cool and pure like space withoutthe sense of 'I'. 16. If inwardly one is cool the wholeworld will be cool, but if inwardly one ishot (agitated) the whole world will be aburning mass.  (To be Continued)

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