[Advaita-l] FW: ​Re: [advaitin] A talk on avidyA by Manjushree

Michael Chandra Cohen michaelchandra108 at gmail.com
Wed Dec 14 08:58:48 EST 2022

Namaste Chandramouliji,  Responding to your citation of BU4.3.20, I find in
the bhasya a simple comment dismissing impressions as mistakes but more to
the point I've also cited Suresvara who clearly supports the idea that
avidya is not established by pramana:
*Sures. Tait 2.8*

AvidyA which appears to be well-established in our experience is not really
established by any pramAna. Thought is prasiddha, it is not pramAna
prasiddha (Balasub. Comm)
Suresvara NaisK Siddhi 3.66

seyam bhAntir nirAlambA sarva-nyAya-virodhInI
shate na vicAram sA tamo ya-vad divAkaram

This ignorance is without a cause and violates all rules and reasons. It no
more brooks investigation than darkness brooks the light of the sun.

"Now, such being the case,
when a man has the false notion called ignorance based
on· past impressions, that some people-enemies or
robbers-pave come and are going to kill him.. This
is being described by the text:· As if he, the dreamer,
were being killed or overpowered. Nobody is killing
or overpowering him; it is simply his mistake due to
the past impressions created by ignorance"

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